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#1 Atheist Site - атеисты онлайн

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Black, atheist and vegan! What a catch?
Возраст 55 из Charlotte, North Carolina - Онлайн - Вчера
Женщина Ищу Мужчину

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Update: My loc's are no more. As of Feb 2022 I have natural hair but haven't taken a pic worthy of posting. That's sad because I was in NYC for a week in early May.

Honesty is very important to me. I have an open heart and want to share it with someone who sees this as a benefit. I strive to express compassion, good character and enthusiasm with a dash of humor in my everyday life. I love the outdoors and nature. My favorite place is a beach but long term I'd like to live on a few acres in the mountains. Near a lake or river would me amazing. I love to bike, practice yoga and row. Preferably on water but machines will do off season.

I enjoy the simple pleasures and am always looking for more ways to unplug. I love animals! When I was in NYC I'd stop and have a conversation with a dog then look up and realize a person was at the other end of the leash. Of course, I'd speak to the human as well. I enjoy reading. I enjoy lying on the couch Sunday morning with my partner going through the paper. I find value in giving to others. I have a few close friends; some for more than 30 years. I played the piano growing up and would love to take lessons again as well as singing ... some day!? I love museums and the performing arts (symphony, plays and dance).
I'm trying to be more consistent with my fitness regime.
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Да, в компаниях


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Семья, Чтение, Спорт, Музыка, Танцы, Театр, Путешествия, Приготовление еды, Садоводство, Волонтерство
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Тусовки с друзьями, Пробовать новое, Пойду на концерт, Пойду в музей
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dinner or possibly a walk in the park or a festival.
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I want to learn to surf
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Сама дружелюбность, Крутой, Немного "того"


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to live well. That means to live on my terms, have meaningful relationships, be fearless, to be healthy and have a long life.

Politically I'm left of center.
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Умный, Сарказм, Немного "того"


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Документальное кино, Ситкомы, Фильмы, Не люблю ТВ, Записи
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Childhood: Hill St Blues, Young adult: Star Trek Next Gen., Now: This is Us
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Научная фантастика, Драмы, Документальные, Анимация
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Forest Gump, I'll have to come back to this
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Рок, Электроника , Поп, Нью-эйдж, Танцевальная, Душевная
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Patty LaBelle, Journey, there's about 7 singers/groups in third place
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Художественная литература, Здоровье, Дом и Сад, Философия, Наука, Технический

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Good character is probably the most important characteristic followed by intelligence.
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